Lovely Staycation ideas and tips for families

When we go away with our family, it's all about creating special memories. Here are a few things that my two boys have loved doing on our camping trips...

S'mores or toasted marshmallows are a favourite in our family. Many of the sites we stay at have an option to rent a fire pit, but you can also buy a small BBQ bucket which is perfect for the sites that don't. We also love a BBQ in the evenings when we're away!

Idea 2 - Find a local pub and enjoy an evening walk there with a game of eye spy. This always goes down a treat and my boys work up an appetite for their dinner. We always get to see some animals on our way!

Handy tip - Check out the local attractions before you arrive. Many of the sites we've stayed at have limited signal, so I check out local attractions before setting off. During our last Staycation, we went canoeing up a river which was so much fun!

Don't forget to take some entertainment for your little ones. A giant bubble wand is always fun and glow sticks for night time walks. I also always take a pack of cards - which is what I used to play with my family when I was little.

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